Lease Hire-Purchase BTD

As an entrepreneur, you want to get ahead. BTD Technics understands this and therefore offers you the option of leasing all or part of your purchase. But what exactly is leasing? This is a frequently asked question, but it is actually quite simple. Leasing is a form of financing used when buying a machine. The leasing company finances the machine and you pay a pre-agreed monthly amount here. There are different forms of leasing (financial lease, operating lease, etc.), but we refer to this as a financial lease hire purchase.

During a financial lease hire-purchase, the client is the economic owner of the machine when signing the lease contract. The machine appears directly on the balance sheet. This can be advantageous from an accounting point of view compared to renting. This form of lease is very interesting if there is no financial room or to improve cash flow. You do not have to make a large investment, but still become the owner of the newly purchased machine. Reserves are maintained for business. However, any maintenance costs, value reductions or increases are at your own expense.

The lease costs depend on the term of the contract, the amount to be leased and the current interest rate. These costs are charged monthly.  A lease term can be set as you wish, the term is in any case between two and eight years. The longer the lease term, the lower the monthly costs. However, you will then pay more interest costs compared to a shorter lease term.

You are the immediate economic owner of the asset. You can therefore also include it directly in your company’s balance sheet, allowing you to take advantage of attractive tax deduction schemes. You do not need to make a large upfront investment, and in fact you pay a fixed (relatively smaller) amount each month.

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Based on your situation, a proposal will be made regarding the monthly costs and duration.
So during this process, you no longer have any financial obligations to BTD Technics, they just arrange for the contract to be drawn up for you. Before a contract can be drawn up, a credit check needs to take place. What do they need for this? A Chamber of Commerce number, name and address of the buyer.