Change code type ZKA series

The woodprocessors ZKA-160 and ZKA-180 types will be combined as of the delivery date from 01.01.2020 into one type of machine, called the ZKA-Pro.
Mechanically these two machines were already identical, but only the saw motor with its hydraulic control were still different.

The combination of these two machines into one type has made it possible to use the current saw motor extremely optimally (with a load of up to 250 bar) when using larger vehicles.
The difference in capacity of the new ZKA-Pro type compared to the existing ZKA180 has become nil, whereby this ZKA-Pro machine has a very favorable price-wise approach.

The ZKA-Pro is therefore now suitable for a wide range of uses with regard to different vehicles. This can vary from a simple 2-wheel driven tractor to mobile cranes and wheelloaders.
For vehicles with greater hydraulic properties (flow and pressure), 1 (or 2) extra flow control valve (s) may be placed and a significantly higher capacity can be achieved.

The ZKA-130 type is known as the ZKA-Basic as of the delivery date from 01.01.2020.

From 01.01.2020, both types, ZKA-Basic and ZKA-Pro, are fitted as standard with a rapid-action valve for the pressblock movement. Specifically, this means a considerable double speed of the outgoing pressblock movement to a certain load. At a higher load, during the splitting movement (c.a.> 4-tonne), the hydraulic automatically switches the movement to its nominal speed and maximum pressing force.

In summary, these technical developments offer a favorable result to the high-quality BTD-woodprocessors.

Hopefully this provides sufficient information. If there are any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.