Dealers in the Netherlands:

UniCom Oost BV
Holterweg 112
7427 RB Deventer
Tel.: +31 (0)570 – 503 800

Pelgrom Hummelo BV (Region Achterhoek)
Broekstraat 1A
6999 DE Hummelo
Tel.: +31 (0)314 – 381 842

Fa. Oerstaal (Region North Netherlands)
Hr. J. Bijker
Hikkaarderdyk 31
9177 GA Jislum
Tel.: +31 (0)6-15033993

Importer for Germany and Austria:

Inhaber Marko Fritzsch
Rungstockstraße 24
09526 Olbernhau
Tel.: +49 (0)373 604 930 56
Mobil: +49 (0)162 683 567 7

Dealer for France:

Robert Stoter
Chateau de Montcru
09240 Allieres
Tel.: +33 (0)680 778 646
Mobil: +33 (0)967 796 069

Become a dealer to expand our BTD network:

Interested companies have the opportunity to become a BTD-dealer or a salesagent in the Benelux, France, Italy and Scandinavia. We focus on smaller or medium-sized companies that are partly or mainly engaged in forestry mechanization.

BTD Technics attaches great importance to a long-term cooperation with satisfied customers. Satisfaction is the basis for customer loyalty, or the appreciation and assessment of your services or products. After all, this ensures repeat purchases, more sales, word-of-mouth advertising, positive references and ultimately new customers.
To be able to realize this we want to emphasize the quality, our specialism and experience.
The philosophy of BTD Technics is that ultimately the products have to sell themselves.

We offer:

  • High-quality machines developed in the Netherlands
  • Sales support
  • Technical guidance and support
  • Own sales area
  • Excellent service, clear communication and good reachability
  • Low prices

Are you interested in a dealership?
Please contact us via the contact form to discuss the possibilities.