Mechanical Engineering

Automatic industrial firewood processors

For more than 30 years, BTD Technics has been closely involved in new developments and implementations in machine construction.

These unique modern firewood processors from BTD have been developed in the Netherlands and suitable for professional use in the forestry industry and comfortable to operate from the cabin (vehicle). These machines have optimal properties to process many varieties from round wood to firewood.
There are 2 different types available, ie. PROcompact and the PROplus.

The pick-up and dumping location of the wood product may be arbitrary. Ergonomically, the work can be carried out by one person, also the driver. The universal control system is equipped with hand / joystick and an additional automatic function for the PROplus.

These robust BTD machines are suitable for log lengths standard up to max. 3.00 meters and through attachments up to max. 4.00 meters. The maximum shortening length is 50 cm.
Log splitting is possible in several parts through 4 / 6/ 8 / 12 fold hydraulically adjustable splitting knives. These competitively priced machines are CE marked and the components used are from well-known European quality brands. Delivery and service of the machines takes place via dealers.

The machines have been developed with consideration of the following main aspects:

Optimum ergonomics: One-man machine handling without physical effort
Robustness: Solid and strong, minimum transport width, powder coated in primer and topcoat
Mechanical connection: To all conceivable vehicles with sufficient hydraulic power
Wood location: Random, for both the pick-up and deposit location
Large log variation: Log thickness 17 cm – max. 45 cm; splitting length 23 – 50 cm;
Large log length: Max. 3.00 meters, optional 4.00 meters through attachments
Splitting variation: Suitable for 4 / 6 / 8 / 12 fold fully hard steel splitting blades
Universal operation: Manual operation via joystick; automated cycle is activated by the push button
Press force: 13-15 tons (PROcompact); 16-20 tons (PROplus)
Components: High-quality proven components from renowned brands

The machine of type PROcompact is a basic version. The PROplus is heavier excecuted with more functionality.
Various options are possible for both types.

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