Demo BTD firewood processors[1]

Due to the great interest, a demonstration of the firewood processor is organized again.

Date:       Thursday, January 10, 2019
Time:       1.30 pm – 4.00 pm
Location : UniCom Oost BV
              Holterweg 112, 7427 RB Deventer, the Netherlands

Please sign up for the demonstration via the contact form.

26/11/2018 – Last Saturday a well-attended demonstration took place of the new firewood processor for mobile vehicles. While enjoying a cup of coffee, many tree trunks were automatically processed into firewood. In the meantime, an explanation was given about the operation of the machine and about the many advantages of this concept. For example, with this compactly built machine, wood can be processed independently of the intake or deposit position. All this can be done by one person and one machine, no physical effort is required. There are two different machine versions available, the ZKA-130 and the ZKA-160.
The difference is in the press force and the construction, hydraulic adjustment of the multiple splitting knife, cutting speed and the operation.

Are you interested, would you like more information or would you like to attend another demonstration?
Please contact us.

For the demonstration video click here